How To Take Care Of Full-Grain Leather

So you've made your first full-grain leather purchase. Its uniquely marked exterior met with its supple, dare we say... butter soft finish suddenly made every purse in your closet take second best.

And who could blame them?

With full-grain leather ranking two quality grades above genuine leather, it's the highest grade of leather money can buy.

Which is exciting... until you realize you suffer from those frantic morning shuffles featuring spilt coffee. (Guilty).

If you're anything like us, fear not! We're here to remind you that being human should never stand between you and a good thing.

To keep you and your new purchase coinciding in perfect harmony, we've put together a leather care guide to make sure your bag is always looking it's best, even on the rainiest of days.

First thing's, first. The two steps of leather care:

Step #1 - Protect with a Waterproofer

Since leather is permeable, it can never be entirely waterproof, but a good formula will be your bags best defense! We recommend using Collonil Carbon Pro every 6-8 weeks to prevent stains. We love this formula because it absorbs quickly and dries fast, allowing you to use your bag within minutes.

Be frequent during rainy season and try to avoid heavy downpours because leather is permeable and can never be entirely waterproof.

Step #2 - Moisturize with a Conditioner

The next (and very important step) is conditioning your bag when your leather starts to look dry or when you want to buff out light scratches! Full-grain leather should be moisturized every 8-12 weeks using a high-quality leather conditioner. We prefer Chamberlain's Leather Milk because their hydrating formula is free from harsh chemicals and gives your leather a beautiful patina glow over time.

The left side has been conditioned with Chamberlain's Leather Milk while the right has remained untreated.

Other Tips and Tricks to Keep Your Leather in The Best Shape


  • Store your bag in a dust bag away from moisture and variations of heat or cold when it's not in use.
  • Test new leather care treatments in an inconspicuous area of your bag first before applying to the entire bag.


  • Never apply heat to your Elevate Leather to dry it, just let it dry naturally. Direct heat will dry out the leather and it may become brittle.
  • Do not leave your bag in direct sunlight, which may change the color of your Elevate leather product.

Additional Leather Information

Sometimes, your bag might have a scratch or a spot when you receive it, but don’t worry; this is normal with eco-friendly, full-grain leather*.

*Eco-friendly leather products: These products are composed of leathers which are tanned using natural or biological (organic) solutions, and virtually unsealed at the end of the tanning process.

We choose to work with natural Eco-Leather not only because of its safety for people and planet, but also because it gives Elevate leather a unique look. The unsealed leather allows scratches to accumulate, and the gentle tanning solutions allow natural marks in the hide to show. We consider any scratch or mark that is visible to be beautiful and completely natural.


Due to the natural process in which our leathers are made, the colors can vary from time to time. The photos we use are intended to be as closely matched as possible to the true product.

Make sure to check out all of our leather care options and let us know which one is your favorite in the comments below!