Our team is a tight-knit crew of passionate, kind and collaborative people. We are wearers of many hats, dedicated to seeing vulnerable communities positively impacted by the talents of the people that live there. 

We work together from our office in Lincoln, Nebraska when we can, and remotely when we must. Having fun and staying connected no matter where we are! 

Meet the team!...








This is who we are today, but we wouldn't be here without the contribution of others who have blessed us with their time and talents over the years. The impact Elevate has (and will continue to have!) wouldn't have been possible without them. We are forever grateful for the life and loved they poured in. 

We are also grateful to you, our customers, who support our mission each day through your purchases, your engagement on social media, and you sharing about us with your friends and family!

You're an essential part of our team too!

Thank you!