4 Reasons Why Our Leather Stands Out Above the Rest

Some of you have probably been wondering why you should get on board with Elevate Leather products. It’s a great question, and we want to tell you why. There are many reasons, but we’ve narrowed it down to four!


1.) It’s Full Grain: Full Grain Leather is the best quality grade of leather available. Full Grain Leather refers to hides that have not been sanded, buffed, or snuffed (as opposed to corrected grain) to remove imperfections (or natural marks) on the surface of the hide. The grain remains, allowing the fiber strength and durability.  (-choiceleather.com) What this means, is that it’s the best quality grade, rising two quality grades ABOVE “Genuine Leather.” It is tough and beautiful. It’s Elevate Leather!



2.) It’s Eco-Friendly: Leather tanneries in South Asia have a bad reputation. Mostly because of the awful chemicals that are used on the products, directly exposing workers to toxicity. They also have a tendency to pour that toxic waste water (excessive amounts of it) right into a massive river that provides thousands of people with their primary bathing and drinking water. Wrap your heads around that one. Our leather comes from a tannery that has taken considerable steps in the best direction. It has a centralized effluent system where treatment is done in many steps to avoid negative effects! The owner has also set up a rain harvesting system to reuse natural rain water in the process. Not only that, our tannery partner specializes in Eco-leather which we proudly source. The harmful chemicals that are generally used, are avoided in this process and replaced with natural solutions. Elevate Leather is all about the positive impact with our people and the planet we together call “home.”


3.) It’s Fair: All of our Elevate Leather products are enabling our artisans to unleash their human potential into their community through this business initiative. All of the craftsmen are paid living wages, have a safe and empowering work environment and gather together to continue growing and learning as they discuss different topics together each day. Aside from that, individuals in the company are using their own wages to help others in their community start their own small businesses. Opportunities are powerful, they keep on keepin’ on!


4.) It’s Handcrafted: With incredible skill, each piece of leather that you see was hand cut. The experts even sharpen their cutting tool with nearly every motion they make. Every time I look at our “Slitted Cuff” bracelet, I am amazed at the privilege it is to represent these incredible artisans in the marketplace. Sometimes, people buy this leather because it’s awesome quality, some because of the style and others because it tells a bigger story. Whatever your reason may be, we are thankful that you are taking the work and story of ELEVATE into your places.


 We hope your Elevate Leather always reminds you that with simple, intentional actions, you too can lift people up to a higher position. If you don’t have any of our leather items (or if you need more) as always, visit us at www.elevatepeople.net  ! We hope you enjoy your online shopping experience with us and as you browse, remember that we love to provide you with free shipping with any orders of $50 or more. Enjoy!