Chamberlain's Healing Balm

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Healing Balm contains deeply penetrating natural oils and waxes designed to adhere to and complement your leather’s natural aesthetic. Whether shiny or matte, or gifted with the timeless beauty of a naked grain, Healing Balm will enrich your leather’s finish with a precision and nuance it’s only dreamed of. Specifically designed for touch up and detail work, Healing Balm works best on worn-out leather in need of an surface level makeover.

4 oz.

HOW TO TAKE CARE OF YOUR LEATHER: You should be conditioning your leather every 8-12 weeks, using a high-quality leather conditioner. Because full-grain leather is porous like your skin, it needs a moisturizer in order to keep it from becoming overly dry. We recommend using Chamberlain's Leather Conditioner No. 1 mixed with Chamberlain's Leather Balm to maintain moisture. This will refreshen and rejuvenate your bag throughout the years.