Elevate's 2020 Impact Report


Our mission.

We exist to empower and equip families living in some of the most vulnerable places around the world through small business creation. With every leather good purchased, our customers are directly fueling the dreams of men and women in 10 different countries worldwide! From our artisans’ hands to your doorstep, we not only want to create an exceptional product, we want to create a meaningful one.

Our belief in the empowerment mindset.

Most people are surprised to know that the leather shop in India isn’t called Elevate, it’s named Tecsoe, a hindi word that means “longevity”. That’s because we don’t own their shop - their people do! 

So enters, Elevate - a non-profit organization that believes in equipping and empowering vulnerable people groups around the world through small business creation. The start of Elevate has never been about creating “our business”, but rather, it was centered around helping our artisan partners start theirs. 

Initially funded by a passionate group of Nebraskans who wanted to make a global impact, the leather business received their first batch of raw materials, tooling, and machinery to kick-start the Tecsoe business - and the rest is history! 

Within a short period of time, our partners have not only been able to self-fund their very own 1800 square foot leather shop, but they have employed 12 full-time artisans with a living wage! 

The goal (it's a 10-year vision kinda thing).

Just as our leather partnership continues to evolve, so does our involvement in the 259 communities where Elevate’s small business initiatives are currently present. 

It’s with great joy to share that our 1 goal is to start 1,000 sustainable small businesses for people groups living in some of the most vulnerable areas of the world. 

We thank you for considering joining us.

Your 2021 Impact By The Numbers

“Seize the Day” Campaign - COVID-19 Relief

It was March 2020 when the storm of unknowns hit the world and we all grappled with the fact that each new day meant less and less certainty of what a ‘World Wide Pandemic’ might bring... might mean, for us.

It was a challenging time for many and yet as we considered what we might be losing, Elevate donors considered what they might give to alleviate and lift up those less fortunate than themselves. 

The task was big. 

To provide 500 families in critical need with a month's worth of basic supplies they'd need to make it through a nation-wide shutdown. 

Families who were used to surviving on just $3 a day were now at immediate risk of starvation and detrimental sickness. 

The outcome?

Generous givers that decided they weren’t going to let a nation-wide shut down stop them from making a world-wide impact!

Together, we celebrated 500 families provided for with the basic necessities they’d need for the month including kits of: wheat, flour, rice, salt lentils, spices, oil, soap, gloves, and masks!

By area, that was:

North India (Day Laborers) - 250 families provided for
Southern Nepal (Agriculture Day Laborers) - 60 families provided for
Eastern Nepal (Tea Garden Families) - 100 families provided for
Eastern India (community next to leather workshop) - 70 families provided for
North Africa village families - 20 families provided for

Together, we exceeded our campaign goal of $20,000, allowing our team to release funding to our field partners in Kyrgyzstan who were also in critical need due to their countries higher cost of goods. 

From our partners hearts and ours, thank you everyone who responded to make this act of love not only possible, but unforgettable!

Businesses Started in 2020

In 2020, we are proud to share that Elevate was able to start 26 small businesses for vulnerable people groups around the world despite the lack of international travel and country lockdowns!

We also added two additional countries of impact by developing an online training format which we had not been implementing previously! This allowed our international team to form new and exciting relationships with partnering organizations in webinars (an opportunity we might not have taken before). 

See the charts below to see our businesses started by compounded growth and industry breakdown.


The 26 Businesses We Started By Region and Kind:

Tunisia - Artwork Business, Tailoring

Morocco - Argan Oil Business

Northeast India - Clothes Shop

East Nepal - Vegetable Stand, 2 Goatary Farms, Grocery Stand, 2 Snack/Supplies shops, Restaurant, Chicken Farm

Kyrgyzstan - Sewing/Tailoring Shop, Furniture and Remodeling Shop, Cow Business, Sheep Raising, Sewing

Sahel - Onion Farm, 2 Oxen Fattening Stores, Cow/Chicken Business, House Rental, Bakery, Oil Sales

Ethiopia - 2 businesses that are newly funded and are awaiting final business launch day

Stories from the Field

Fish Farm

Amir joined an Elevate small business training where he learned how to start his dream of supporting his family and also fueling community outreach. After graduating the training, Amir was ready to start his small business vision - a fish farm! Though 2020 wasn’t an ideal climate for a business start-up, Amir was faithful to seeing his business grow as people in his community desperately needed food. During this past year, Amir has been able to meet so many needs of the community through his small business, plus support and sustain his family where so many struggle to find hope. 


Otam is a young man that lives in Central Asia. Growing up, his grandmother taught him how to sew which inspired him later to get further education on textiles and fashion. He excelled and even was able to showcase his designs in national level fashion shows! Even though Otam had a clear passion for design, he struggled to find the necessary training and resources needed to run his own small business. Upon graduating from the Elevate business training, he received a loan that has now enabled him to rent his own design studio where he and his two employees now design, cut, and assemble their own fashion line!

Otam’s business positions him for many further opportunities down the road as he shows his clothes at fashion shows and online. 

By purchasing with Elevate, you are directly investing in people like Amir and Otam, plus the future generations to come. Thank you!

If you're interested in learning more about our non-profit's mission or how you can help, please email us at elevate.information@gmail.com.