Our Mission

Elevate is a non-profit that believes in creating sustainable job solutions globally that improve lives and transform communities.

Sustainable Job Creation.

Through vocational training, strategic mentorship, and small business loans, we help provide national people the resources they need to succeed. 

Community Transformation.

For the first time, parents can provide for their families, send their own kids to school, and serve their neighbors in an even bigger way.


Self Empowerment.

Our partners feel a greater sense of self-worth and confidence since owning their own business. 

Artisan Testimonials 

"I'm able to make a higher wage than I was at the factory, because our prices are now set by us."


"I've been able to pay for all my families bills. I feel a greater sense of self-worth than I've felt before."


"I've always enjoyed working with leather. It's what we know. It's what we're good at."



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