Behind Our Designs - The Spring 2019 Collection with Jessica Hotz

Spring is here! And we never underestimate its magic powers to get us thinking of a closet refresh.

You know the kind - the Marie Kondo, "ditch the things that don’t serve us, invite the things that spark joy" kinda refresh.  

And to be honest, we’re all in because our closets deserve to only fit quality pieces that meet our needs (functionality) and last (longevity).

Not because we deserve it, but because our neighbors halfway around the world do. Because the woman or man creating our clothing deserves a safe work environment and fair wage opportunity. Because people’s main source of drinking and bathing water shouldn’t be threatened by our desire to trade out our clothes every season.

Marie Kondo says it best, “It’s important to understand your ownership pattern because it is an expression of the values that guide your life. The question of what you want to own is actually the question of how you want to live your life.”

A closet that not only meets our needs, but blesses others? A purchase that brings hope, provides for families, and changes lives?

That’s a closet I’m willing to work toward.

-> So enters Elevate’s 2019 Spring Collection.

A selection of full grain leather products that solves problems and meets needs.

Speaking to this launch is Co-Founder and Product Designer, Jessica Hotz. 

The spring 2019 collection is here! (Yay, spring!) What is your favorite piece in this collection? Why?
Jess H: Our “why” at ELEVATE is people. In order to get to our people, we travel. While meandering around airports in every continent of the world, I saw all sorts of cloth bags that were compatible to luggage straps, for that hands-free thing. None that I saw fit the style and full grain leather quality that I’m so fond of. So, in good ELEVATE fashion, we decided to solve a problem by incorporating a hidden zipper on the bottom of the outside pocket of our latest Bucket Bag. With that, my favorite Spring product is the Bucket Bag. I love getting to be a part of solving problems while not giving up the quality, style and handcrafted nature of our purses.

(Peep the sneaky zipper that transforms your outside pocket to a luggage strap.) 

The round mini coin purse. How did you envision this piece working in women's lives/lifestyle? 

 Jess H: If you’ve spent much time browsing ELEVATE goods, you will quickly find the versatility of our items. This little thing was made for holding the absolute basics. I close my eyes and see it clipped onto your current bags, included in a grad gift and hooked to your belt while you browse at a store or walk the kids down the street for ice cream.

Ice cream. Yeah.. I'm definitely seeing the vision now :P. 

You design around functionality and longevity. Is there anything particular in this collection you'd like to speak to or about with those terms in mind? 

Jess H: Along with my Bucket Bag obsession, I’d love to mention the new zipper wallet. I hold my breath when I see wallets chipping apart because of the low-quality grade materials, but this new zipper wallet will be your go-to for years. Yes, years! It holds everything and has that essential wrist strap that you’ll need when you grab and go.

 The long awaited doppler kit for men is here, and I've been told our other Co-Founder has been using it for his travels! Care to share what the design process is like when you're working on a men's product specifically with Brandon?

Jess H: Oh, of course! Toss the words “tidy and gentle” out the window! He is hard on stuff. We design our men’s products around what will endure. I’ll usually ask him a question surrounding problems he’s having with current areas of his life that connect to a product we could offer. Our Messenger Bag took us nearly a year to finalize. We wanted to make sure it met every need and solved every problem he was having with his current bag at the time. This Doppler Kit opens all the way up, so you can see everything clearly. It has a simple zipper pocket for razors or any pills/supplements you’d rather not mingle with your deodorant. The grab handle is reinforced and the message of Creating Opportunity for others is always with you embossed on the front with the ELEVATE logo.  

What do you want people to know most about our 2019 Spring Collection?

Jess H: When we design, we’re thinking of you! We spend time mulling over the innovative foresight in our process to provide you with a bag that solves problems you maybe didn’t know you had. Lastly, we’d rather release one product that makes you gasp with excitement than ten that are “alright.”

 See the Spring 2019 Collection now and check out our 2018 impact highlights.