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The journey of starting Elevate has been thrilling. Some days we want to cry, most days we can’t even believe it is happening. It birthed out of a relationship with beloved friends in a developing country who simply wanted an opportunity. In our first world country we can sometimes forget that opportunities are GIFTS. We aren’t actually entitled to them. We seek them out, but when we seek them we find them. Can you imagine being a father of four children without a job? Those children are relying on you for love, food, medical attention, schooling, life lessons and clothes but you are lost in a sea of people trying to find a job. You might find one, but more than likely you will be exploited and overworked. You are under constant pressure with nothing to show for it…despair.


I have realized something, though. Most people don’t care. They are unwilling to actually empathize with another persons situation. Us rough, tough first world citizens sure do a good job of running and hiding in the face of real battles, challenge and hardship. I guess I can’t blame them…it’s easier to think about what celebrity got divorced today and how many “likes” our selfies produce.

In the midst of it all, I have realized something else. There are people who care. There are people who are fierce, active and involved in issues way over their head. There are people out there who don’t let daunting global issues daunt them. They have some crazy supernatural glow about them that says, “bring it on” to hard things. We know a group of these people, and they are a great reason why Elevate is happening.


Elevate is a power house where people can come and stand together in unity to say “no” to bad things in the world. We are a people who form solutions and who care deeply about issues beyond ourselves. It is too easy and luring to spend this life thinking about “me and mine.” I know it would be easier, but in the end…would it be worth it?

Would we have regretted our non-involvement in global issues?

Would we regret not caring about the father of four children who has nowhere to turn?

Would we regret building our personal empires without extending a hand to those in dire need?

Yes. I think we would.

So, I ask you to join the movement as we elevate people to a higher position by giving them opportunities to provide for themselves and their families. When you support Elevate, you support people. Real ones, with real names. This isn’t a mega movement, but Mother Teresa said it best when she said, “if you can’t feed a hundred people then feed just one.”

Join us: www.elevate-people.com