Andri - A Perspective of Nepal

Every once in awhile you meet people who make you think, who make you grateful, who make you just feel more human. Andri is a deep soul who yearns for real living and epic adventure. She has given us her perspective of the time she spent with us in Nepal. Let’s tune in and listen…

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Q: So, we heard you jumped on board with the trip just a week before, and left the country just two days after you graduated undergrad! Can you tell us what was going on in your head and heart during that time?

Andri: “Traveling to Nepal with the team had been weighing heavily on my heart just weeks before the trip. I felt I was being called to go, so I listened to my heart and then everything kind of fell into place, so I knew it was the right decision. It was one of the best decisions I’ve made thus far.

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Q: What did you grow to love about Nepal that was initially shocking or “different” to you?

Andri: I grew to love the chaos of the city, and how it was so different from the structured ways of the U.S., but how it simply worked. The food on the other hand was easy to love. 🙂 Feed me all the mo mo’s and all the chai.

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Q: Andri, tell us the question we’re all thinking, what was the highlight?

Andri: “This is a really hard question for me, as the entire trip was definitely a highlight to my life.  But, if I had to say, I would say the time spent with Elevate’s partners from India was the highlight. Getting to know their hearts, sharing stories and learning about their culture was absolutely beautiful.  We spent late nights with our leather partners discussing new products, goals and opportunities for growth. The amazing part about it is that the late nights spent, was time spent working toward a bigger picture… the same picture…together, for the sake of lifting others.”

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Q: How would you explain the impact that ELEVATE’s model of “opportunity creation” is having on people’s lives in South Asia?

Andri: “Elevate’s model for opportunity creation has already impacted so many lives and has helped transform dreams into goals, which then have become a reality. Listening to so many speak of how they want to start their own business to support their own families and pay for their children’s school tuition was so encouraging to hear and gave so much purpose as to why Elevate exits.  Elevate exists to walk alongside national people, creating opportunities to become self-sustainable. Which is so awesome, because with a little help, local people in South Asia are transforming impoverished communities and bringing light into darkness.  

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Q: What advice would you give someone who wants to be a part of something bigger than himself/herself?

Andri: “I would say speak up for what you are passionate about and don’t take opportunities for granted, letting them pass you by.  They were created and set in place for a reason… Go and trust that you ARE making a difference and playing a role in something bigger.”

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See what I mean? All of who she is infects the world around her with sweetness, and intentionality. Thank you for sharing with us, Andri.

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Stay Tuned for more on global empowerment, job creation, ethical goods and wonderful people!