The first step in taking care of your leather is waterproofing.

Every 6-8 weeks your bag should be waterproofed to prevent water stains. Since leather is permeable, it can never be entirely waterproof, but a good formula will be your bags best defense! We recommend Collonil Carbon Pro.


The next (and very important step) is conditioning your bag!

Full-grain leather should be moisturized every 8-12 weeks using a high-quality leather conditioner. When the leather starts to look dry, condition it with a quality moisturizer - we prefer Chamberlain's Leather Milk because their hydrating formula is free from harsh chemicals! This can also be applied to help buff out light scratches and unique markings.


Allow your leather to dry naturally and never apply direct heat.


When not in use, store your goods in a dust bag away from moisture, heat and cold.


Test treatments in an inconspicuous spot before applying to your entire bag.


Do not leave your bag in direct sunlight, it may change the color.