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Founders and CEOs

Brandon and Jessica Hotz, Co-Founders and CEOs of Elevate, have beautifully interwoven their love for the world and it’s people into nearly every faucet of their lives. 

Meeting for the first time in India during a short-term trip, Brandon and Jess’s time spent abroad not only ignited their passion for the vulnerable and expanded their worldview, but inevitably led them to say “I do” in the states shortly following. 

After witnessing so many social injustices overseas, Brandon and Jess knew they were called to a life of service. Together, they started Elevate, a social non-profit and lifestyle brand that helps create sustainable job solutions for people around the world. 

Brandon operates and leads Elevate's international relations, while Jess serves as the visionary for Elevate’s lifestyle brand, as well as its non-profit sector. 

Brandon and Jess call Nebraska home and find time spent with family, friends and anywhere together to be their happy place.