About Us

Our Story

While living in South Asia, we quickly realized that in order to best serve the people in our area, we needed to form trusted partnerships. It didn’t take long to see that we were not the right people for the job! No matter what, we could never fully play the role that nationals are able to within their own culture among their own people.  

At first, we watched for locals who were already making an impact in  their community. Our relationship with our first national partners began as an informal, organic crossing-of-paths. We have met many wonderful people in South Asia, but this time it was different. There was a humility and peace that drew us to them. You could call it  divine. We slowly became friends and then basically became family. 

One day, we knew. We gathered together for lunch, and they told us the heartaches and joys of their story. While the tears were flowing, they stated their overall vision and we cried along with them as our visions aligned perfectly. To see community transformation that offers hope and joy to the hopeless. After this day, the vision was cast. As a result of their own ideas and dreams, we decided to help them start an ethical leather business. 

Our next step was to create an organization here in the states that would place orders from the new business in South Asia that would generate resources to help others do the same. With the profit from this business our brothers and sisters in South Asia are serving children,  developing leaders and are helping create opportunities through business with others in their community. They have had these dreams for so long and now they are able to achieve AND sustain them. We thank you and commend you for shopping with purpose!