Where does Elevate's money go?

This is the question of the month. “Where does the money go when I buy Elevate products?” Well, I am so glad you asked and I’m happy to answer that question. Read on!


Throughout the adventure of starting this organization, we knew that people liked simple answers to complex problems. We want to believe that a “one-to-one” company is the best way because it’s a simple idea that we can all understand. It’s brilliant marketing, but we know that poverty and development is complicated! Like really complicated.

Flower Market

Elevate is a development organization, not a relief organization. SO, we do not give handouts, we give opportunity. With the complexities of poverty and people, we discovered that what people need is an OPPORTUNITY to be relevant in their community and to earn for their families! With the leather business that we’ve helped our national partners to start, our desire is to be a part of their journey. We want to be a part of their development as people and a community! They don’t want to be treated as people who are forever known as the “NEEDY” or people who are only good for HANDOUTS that really just make us as Westerners feel like heroes. They want a real shot at life, so a real shot is what we want to give.

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The heartbeat of Elevate is Opportunity. This is why we do NOT give back 100% of the profits from the leather products to the artisans. Gasp, breathe…okay just hear me out. When we give them a purchase order, they fulfill that purchase order and make a margin that was set by THEM. We gladly pay them knowing that they are being paid fair wages and have good working conditions. Then we (Elevate) bring that product to market here in the U.S. to stimulate their new business and to tell the story of empowerment with our consumers. This product enhances the socially conscious products that are available in the U.S. today.


With the profit that Elevate makes, we buy more products from our national partners which contributes greatly to their well-being. We also use the profit to create more opportunities with others. Our national partners know that their products are not only benefitting their community, but our consumers and other people in the developing world who also want an opportunity to succeed.

Brother Faruk that is pictured above is a leather artisan, a hard worker and a dear friend of ours. We treat him and his team with the utmost respect. Ladies, he is our handbag expert so he should probably be your next best friend. Got some GOLD coming at ya later this year!

Thank you for joining us in the movement to lift others to a higher position! #LeatherForGOOD #ElevatePeople #CreatingOpportunity #Elevate

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If you have any questions about our model please email me!



Jessica (Co-Founder & CEO)