Impact Matters | What your purchase has made possible for families around the world in 2019.

In 2019, our customers helped fuel 93 business initiatives - helping 89 families provide for their loved ones.

The goal for 2019 felt lofty - to start 75 businesses overseas for people who need an opportunity most. 
Crazy? Maybe. 

Until you! With our customers and the right people, we've been able to fuel 93 total business initiatives for 89 families in 8 different countries this year! 

What that means? 
In 2019, ownership and dignity has been restored for 89 individuals around the world who are now able to provide for their families and stimulate economic growth in the communities they live in!

“…Countries that want to move from poverty toward prosperity must produce more goods and service of value... the genius of a free-market system is that it does not try to compel people to work. It rather leaves people free to choose to work and it rewards that work by letting people keep the fruits of their labor.”  - Poverty of the Nations, On a Free-Market System 

By purchasing on purpose with Elevate, you're not only helping provide sustainable livelihoods for the artisans who made your goods, but you are fueling job creation in some of the most unlikely places around the world!

It brings us great joy to share the meaningful opportunities your purchase made possible in 2019:

13 Goat Farms  2 Bee Farm Initiatives
8 Beautician Shops  1 Poultry Farm 
5 Tailoring/Sewing Shops 1 Computer Training Center 
4 Fish Farms  1 Furniture Business
2 Health Clinics/Medical Shops 1 Construction Business 
2 Medicine Shops 1 Therapy Center 
11 Grocery Shops  2 Rickshaw Businesses
4 Buffalo Farms 1 Sound System Business 
2 Duck Farms 1 Electronic Repair Business 
4 Butcheries 3 Diary Farms 
4 Herbal Farm Businesses 1 Flour Mill 
2 Ginger Farms 1 School Center 
1 Matting Business 2 Vegetable Stands
2 Mobile Hub/Phone Repair Shops 2 Clothing Shops
1 Greenhouse Tunnel Farm 1 Animal Farm 
6 Jewelry Shops 1 Chicken Farm

As we look toward 2020 with the hope of starting 100 NEW businesses for people in need, we ask that you please continue to share our mission as your own, with your family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, and those you happen to meet along the way. 

With much love and thanks,

The Elevate Team