Multiply the Impact - Empowering Lives One Donation at a Time

Somehow, some great way, you stumbled across this organization called Elevate. Was it in Texas, Kansas, Illinois? Maybe Instagram, through a friend or in that state they say "honestly, isn't for everybody"...Nebraska? I can't believe it, somehow along your journey, you have become a part of ours and we hope that choosing to open this message from us today is pure joy to you. 

I am wondering, did you know that Elevate is a non-profit organization? When my husband Brandon and I started out on this journey, we knew that service was our calling and well, we just decided to move to India to see how our little lives could weave into a greater story. And here we are, being opened in your living room, car, hospital room maybe or in your office. 

I'll never forget sitting in one of our "street kids" homes...a 10x10 room where the momma had the middle child run to grab us a soft drink with the few coins they had. Isn't it the humble who can be the most sacrificial? The father was nowhere to be found, but we enjoyed stumbling through broken language conversation and expressed how well they were doing as parents and that it was a privilege of ours to be with them. Later, I realized that the father was nowhere to be found because he was ashamed that we could give his children what he could education. It didn't take us long to realize that families need help, not handouts. They need purpose, not pity. They need opportunity not constant philanthropy.

Elevate was born. A non-profit to create opportunities for people who need them most. We serve families in India, Nepal, Bangladesh and are moving into more countries very soon. Who knew that showing up for people, a simple 4-phase business training and access to regenerative capital* could do so much?

We didn't. 

The leather business was the first opportunity creation business we started and we aren't stopping there. We have now helped start 15+ small opportunity creation businesses and want to start 1,000 more in 10 years! This is our "why!" Your purchases support something so much bigger than you maybe realized, and we are so grateful.

But today, we are asking you to consider a little more. Our opportunity creation program cannot operate without the donations of everyday, normal people like you. And 
until Dec. 31, we have an opportunity to match all gifts given up to $25,000 toward this mission! We couldn't believe it! All of a sudden the sacrifice of a soda and a $25,000 matching gift looked the same to me...generous. The goal is big, but together...together we can do great things.



Would you join us?

Every gift matters:

  • $50 will help us to translate our training materials into the local languages.

  • $100 will help take a group of 3 participants through our business training.

  • $500 will help start a small business (ex. beautician shop, fruit stand, cycle taxi).

Give Here!

Giving Information:

  1. Mail a check, payable to Elevate Global to P.O. Box 2284 Kearney, NE 68848. Memo: Matching Gift Fund

  2. To give online, visit: select the “GIVE” tab.  Funds can be donated here by using PayPal’s secure, data encrypted site. In the Notes section indicate: Matching Gift Fund

Women who graduated from the beautician training back in March 2018 and who have received their first round of beauty supplies, chair, and mirror. 

Wether you join us through giving or not, we are just so grateful that you are a part of our community. Wear your leather with pride as it is telling a really beautiful story.

For the sake of the world,

Brandon & Jessica Hotz 
Co-Founders & Lovers

*Regenerating Capital - small (2-5%) interest informal loans are given and paid back to local training teams to be given again, so your donation is recycled!